About Us

Alpsan A.Ş., founded in 1985, is one of the largest aluminum profile manufacturers operating in Turkey. The annual capacity of our company is 12.000 tons in extrusion and 6.000 tons in anodizing. Our production goal is to provide the best quality to our customers at the most competitive price. In line with this goal, we continue to be among the fastest growing companies in the sector.


We carry out a wide range of production activities with the three extrusion lines we have in our Gebze plants. The tonnages and billet diameters of our production lines are as follows: 


  1. 1650MT    7“      (178mm)
  2. 1320MT    6“      (152mm)
  3. 700MT    4“      (110mm)


We continue to carry out our operations with more than 30 years of experience in a wide range of sectors where we provide services  –   such as construction, automotive, machinery, furniture, solar industries.


Our quality system has been certified by ISO 9001: 2015, while our anodizing department has been certified particularly by “Qualanod” which is the most recognized and reliable quality control organization in Europe.

Our surface types are divided into four groups as mill finish, anodized, static painted and PVC foil wrapped. Our current production system offers a customized profile production option to our customers while giving the opportunity to perform any mechanical operations on these custom made products in accordance with the requests we receive. 

In our anodizing department, production can be made in 4 main colors  - natural, gold, brown and black – and in different tones of these colors. These colors can be varied by applying matte, glossy E6 application or stainless steel effect using a sanding technic. 

In our mechanical processing department below operations can be made; 


  1. CNC operation (up to 8.5 m)
  2. Cutting
  3. Punching
  4. Drilling, multiple drilling
  5. Countersink
  6. Bending
  7. Customized packaging (Boxing, labeling, shrinking, etc.)

As we bring high quality and reasonable price together, we export to more than thirty countries. Our main export markets are America, Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Turkic Republics.

As Alpsan, we are waiting for your inquiries with our young and dynamic team to offer you our high quality products at the most affordable prices.   

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About Us


To produce and develop Aluminium and PVC products in line with the needs of its business partners without compromising quality, showing respect to environment and by reaching the highest competitive edge.


To become one of the biggest aluminium profile plant in Europe