Our Policy

Quality policy

It is our company policy to produce a quality product at a reasonable cost by following the technology closely in our developing country, integrating the trained personnel and group work with the work safety of the personnel and using the environmental conditions well, paying attention to the continuity of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement according to the companies in the sector. In order to achieve our goals and improve our quality level in line with the developing technology and customer expectations, Quality Assurance System requirements will be the basis of all departments' activities. Our Quality Management System has been established in accordance with international standards and our organization is committed to meeting applicable requirements. The defined policies and objectives are compulsory and require employees in all units and levels to work in accordance with the Quality System documentation and instructions.

Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy Our Human Resources policy is to recruit people according to the goals and strategies of our company, to support the personal development of the employees through continuous trainings, to create an effective and motivated organization and a common company culture by providing employee satisfaction through proactive human resources practices. To be the first choice among the people who want to make a career in our own sector